Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 on PC

Today, i would like to share to u all about my pc dat had been changing from Ubuntu 10.04 to MAc OS X Leopard..the most reliable,fastest and easiest operating system...

as we know.Leopard OS is only for MAcintosh that it had been installed with Apple hardware and compatible with Leopard OS..but last month, i've been discover the new thing,Leopard OS on regular PC...instead AMD,Intel,SSE2 or SSE3...i've install it on Intel chipset.and it working fine..

What u need is:

-DVD-iAtkos V7 Leopard 10.5.7
-80GB HardDisk free space
-Intel Dual-Core processor..(minimum requirements for system stability for working)
-A cup of tea(while waiting for the installation finish..hehehehe)

Here is the tutorial that u can get on YouTube,,


and when finish,list below is a sample screenshot captured..

System Info

Desktop Interface...look at the dock!nice..ahahaha

the Widget

the Explorer
The Icon

QuickLook function

That's all for today....Try diz out...huhu

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